Hello friends! I’m Kate, the creator of Enna Mulberry.

Enna Mulberry was created to help encourage everyone to discover and explore their creativity!

I started this blog as an outlet for my creative ideas and projects.  I love encouraging other people to develop their creative talents because my journey in development has been such a positive experience of self-discovery, growth and purpose!

CONFESSION: Crafting use to discourage me. It’s true! My love and passion was once met with stress, frustration, confusion and failure!

Growing up my mom and sister were always the crafters of the family and I’d often bring the entertainment! I still bring the same laughter but now I can actually teach them some of the new goodies I’ve learned.

It all changed when I got married. I was trying to make our apartment our home. With a Bachelors in Interior Design, my taste was a bit, shall we say, expensive? However I also found that everything in my price range was lack luster at best. So…I went trolling for ideas on the internet.  I made one simple home decor craft and thought, “Why have I never done this before?” I quickly started trying many new things and have since expanded my skill set and… my crafting supplies. 🙂

Kate’s Top 10 Favorite Things!

  1. My awesome husband, Nick! He makes me laugh like no other!
  2. My Goldendoodle, Zeke. He sure loves to keep me company in my craft room!
  3. Learning!!  Learning new tricks, techniques, products & discovering fun new crafting tools, recipes and other gadgets!
  4. I’m a total nerd for fonts and formatting; even documents that shouldn’t matter get an overhaul to be more presentable. I’m sure my husband loves the new font choice of our budget spreadsheet 🙂 oops….
  5. Clean humor—I LOVE TO LAUGH!
  6. Having a collection of anything that comes in a variety of colors; school and office supplies, bowls, kitchen utensils, you name it! Bonus if anything is miniature!
  7. Traveling to new places and discovering new things
  8. Autumn and the leaves changing color & spring flowers blossoming.
  9. Holidays and all that comes with them especially Christmas and Easter.
  10. SUPPLIES!!! Paper, wood, vinyl, stamps, ink, adhesives, buttons, embellishments, paint, the list goes on and on!

Thanks for joining me and ENJOY my blog!

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